Fastbird Engine & Gluon

Fastbird Engine

'Fastbird Engine' is an in-house game engine developed and used by 'Fastbird Dev Studio'. This engine is consists of three layers called Core layer, Engine layer, Facade/Dedicated layer. Each components in the engine have very restricted responsibilities anyone can anticipate from the component name. This makes the components independent and easy to reuse. 'Fastbird Engine' is built up of loop-free layered architecture in which all dependencies among components are heading to the same direction. You can check out the details on fastbird_engine_architecture_en.pdf file.

'Fastbird Engine' is an open-source game engine anyone can use without fee.
You can download it from Github.

Fastbird Engine Architecture


An indie project developed by myself(alone). It is released on Steam.

This game uses the custom in-house engine called Fastbird Engine which is also developed by myself. The engine is open-sourced at GitHub.

Gather resources, expand your ship, raise a strong crew, build defense systems and protect your people.

In the year 2821, Earth is attacked by hostile Galactic Empire. In the onslaught, our defending fleets are viciously destroyed.

As the commander of the last remaining fleet, you face a horrible realization. Earth is lost! Your only hope is to gather what survivors you can, and strive out into an unwelcoming galaxy in search of a new home.

After the onslaught, Earth's few survivors are evacuated to the only transport ship available, 'the Trabalt'.

The ship is small, but it has the ability to link in more modules to expand its capacity and abilities. Over the course of your journey, you will expand this ship into a massive capital ship capable of saving the human race.

You are the leader of this last nomad ship. You must seek out resources to build weapons and escort ships. You must also build your team of officers by hiring the best of the best and keeping their morale high.

We are all refugees, now. The emptiness of space is our sea, our destination unknown. Our fate is in your hands. Good luck, Commander.