'YourStat' visualizes your strength, dexterity and intelligence level based on your daily activity.

Set your activity goals in ‘Goal Setting’ tab and mark whether you achieved the goals or not in ‘Daily Check’ tab. If you achieve your goals continually, your stats will increase but if you get lazy and forget to achieve your goal, your stats will decrease a little bit everyday.

‘YourStat’ brings the fun for growing virtual characters in computer games into real life. If you like playing games, you might also like growing your self in real life.


*Strength: You can raise your strength stat by doing push-ups, sit-ups or bench press.

*Dexterity: You can grow your dexterity stat by running, walking or training martial arts like taekwondo or judo.

*Intelligence: You can increase your intelligence stat by studying, reading, painting or playing musical instrument.

*Fatigue: If you achieve the goal you set, the fatigue will increase. If fatigue is too high, your stats will hardly increase. Take a full rest sometimes.

Do not play computer games too much, which only increases your virtual avatar's ability while decreases your real-life stats.

You can be heathier, stronger and more intelligent with this app 'YourStat'.

(YourStat uses klazuka Calender library.)