Fastbird Engine Monthly Log 2014. 5.

### May 2014

#### 2014-05-04
* to process a lot of request, need to implement cell system. Imitate the CellPhone system.
* Interative console needed. seperated windows parsing lua is uncomfortable. embeded graphical implementation is needed. let's analyze 'readline' library.

#### 2014-05-09
* Shield has HP. When does any part protected by the shield hit decreases the shield's HP. 'Damage0' field is shield recharge rate.
* When shields destroyed, any linked part which doesn't have any alternative path to Core will detached from the CompoundShip.
* Shield has visible range looks like a sphere.
* Power doesn't have range, just has capacity. 'Damage0' field is Power recharge rate
* Any action - fire, recharge, engine - consumes power.
* Power priority - shield oriented, Weapon oriented, Engine oriented.
* Parse CSVs and build type enumerations for parts, components -- when convert the csvs into binary

#### 2014-05-11
* Graceful shutdown : shutdown() - mark send, recieve ended. closesocket() - release all resources, if shutdown is not call, perform shutdown.
* when client closes call shutdown(s, SD_SEND) then server will receive FD_CLOSE. this is enough for me.
* when server closes the process is the same. this measn actually I don't need to call shutdown. because closesocket will implicitly perform the shutdown process.
* When client gets FD_CLOSE, show the login ui, and clear the players.
* Make sure the part data should reset in next login. CameraMan target. LocalPlayerID

#### 2014-05-18
* What's the best number of threads for worker and network. Network thread also handles game logics to respond user packets.
* Update thread workload should be minimized.
* Network thread : 4(50%), WorkerThread : 3(35%), MainThread : 1(15%). or
* Network thread : 6, WorkerThread : 2, MainThread 1. total 9.
* What's the good practice to compress the packet. Maybe not may packets need to be compressed. maybe only parts data.